Paper Authorship and Proposal Writing Workshop


Paper Authorship and Proposal Writing Workshop (Draft)

Himpunan Kimia Indonesia in collaboration with Ministry of Research and Technology, CRDF Global, and US Department of State will hold a Paper Authorship and Proposal Writing Workshop, on 14-17 May 2013 in Denpasar, Bali.

The workshop could be attended by doctoral candidates, researchers and editorial board members of national journals with the priority areas of science and mathematics. There will be a selection process before participants are accepted.

The members of Himpunan Kimia Indonesia (HKI), Himpunan Fisika Indonesia (HFI), Hmpunan Astronomi Indonesia (HAI), Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS), Himpunan Kimia Bahan Alam Indonesia (HKBAI), Perhimpunan Ahli Kimia Medisinal Indonesia (Perakmi), Perhimpunan Biokimia dan Biologi Molekul Indonesia (PBBMI), Perhimpunan Biologi Indonesia (PBI) and Perhimpunan Mikrobiologi Indonesia (Permi) (after selection process) are invited to participate in this workshop.

Researchers from Balitbang and Balitbangda are also invited.
Some selected participants will get travel grant and accomodation support to
participate in the workshop. Selected local participants can participate in the
workshop free of charge without accomodation support.

If you are interested to participate, please

Selection will be conducted based on research activities of the applicants and “first come first served” basis. The committee has full authority to determine the accepted applicants.

Registration will be closed on Wednesday, 1 May 2013.
Information on this workshop will be updated regularly at

Departement of Human Resource Development
Himpunan Kimia Indonesia

Note: This is still a draft of the training flyer. The final announcement will be distributed in the following days, or you can check on HKI website. You need to obtain permission from your immediate supervisor (dean, or academic supervisor for students) to participate in this training.

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