The Freshwater Snail Genus Sulcospira Troschel, 1857 From Java, With Description Of A New Species From Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Pachychilidae)

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The freshwater snail genus Sulcospira Troschel, 1858 is found in Sundaland, Indochina, and southern China, and its members usually occur in relatively fast running waters, such as rivers and streams or creeks (Köhler & Dames, 2009). Three species of Sulcospira have been recorded from Java: the type species of the genus, S. sulcospira (Mousson, 1848), as well as S. pisum (Brot, 1868) and S. testudinaria (von dem Busch, 1842) (van Benthem-Jutting, 1956; Köhler & Glaubrecht, 2005; Köhler et al., 2008). Earlier authors, including Morrison (1954) and van Benthem-Jutting (1956), referred the genus Sulcospira to the family Thiaridae and recognised only one species in Java, Sulcospira sulcospira.

Morrison (1954:381) stated that the shell of S. sulcospira appears to be similar to certain species of Brotia, Tylomelania, and to immature individuals of Balanocochlis. van Benthem-Jutting (1956) described the shell of S. sulcospira and cited Troschel’s (1858) remark that the animal of S. sulcospira contained numerous shelled juveniles, each with a shell of two whorls. Another species with a turreted but more slender shell than S. sulcospira is traditionally attributed to Brotia testudinaria (von dem Busch, 1842), while specimens with a broad shell shape and a short spire are identified as Balanocochlis pisum. These three species were placed in the family Thiaridae by van Benthem-Jutting (1956; see also Wenz, 1938; Morrison, 1954).

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